Current stock machines for sale

Inductaflex AL-2e 2018 model – UL / CSA Spec , 480v -60Hz, Schneider PLC, All servo electric . 100% duty – High Specification including multi axis side supports. NEW –  Location Maryland site, USA, Mail for price or call Trilogy Machinery and speak to Fred on 410.272.3600

IB-630 – 600kw induction bender with 8,000mm mm pushing stroke, 2D – 10D radius. – old, Siemens PLC Available to view – DEMO 18 months old  – Location Inductaflex China, $390,000 with CE, Non- CE $320,000. mail

Inductaflex AL-micro 2016 demo machine, all servo electric, 3 roller type , full CNC, dual power 400v 50hz or 480v 60hz – DEMO- 3 hours use max – Location UK , $23,000, CE/UL/CSA mail




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