Press braked channels curved the hard way..

Using folded sheet for sections is an economic way of getting a bespoke section for your application. Quite often these need to be formed and this  can cause a problem if not handled expertly.

Some shapes are quite easy, but change the direction of bend and often they become imposible.

press braked and formed metal sections
press braked and formed metal sections

pressed and rolled metal plates

Inductaflex has tried and tested methods for bending seemingly impossible sections sucessfully.

As Managing Director Craig Barnshaw says’

We seem to be the go to manufacturer now for complicated bends for structural, automotive and manufacturing industries. Countless times out agents bave sent drawings and models of parts others say are imposible, only for us to produce a sample of what they had wished for.

A recent bend test for a customer was using 1.6mm thick plate folded to a 100mm x 50mm channel. These were sucessfully formed on the strong axis with our AL-3e machine. Prevously these items were fabricated at considerable extra cost.

Roll formed sections can be formed to often quite tight diamters; building purlins being a typical example.


machine for manufacturing curved metal purlins

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