World leading induction pipe bending expert joins Inductaflex

One of the inventors of induction bending in the World, Nigel Gregson, has joined Inductaflex as Associate Director of their Induction Bending Division.

Nigel brings long a wealth of knowledge to customers of Inductaflex. For over 40 years Nigel designed and installed machines around the World with his family business Gregson Induction Benders.

Induction pipe bending alloy pipe by Nigel Gregson of  Inductaflex
Induction pipe bending alloy pipe by Nigel Gregson of Inductaflex


Now, Nigel leads the team at Inductaflex quoting new installations and supporting customers with technical information. Inductaflex designs and builds the World’s most flexible bending machines. From 1” pipes up to 4,000 mm diameter jumbo pipe benders for transport systems.

By pure coincidence, Inductaflex owner Craig Barnshaw used to own two Gregson machines when working as a specialist sub-contractor in the Induction Industry. Craig commented ‘ having Nigel on our team further strengthens our position as the leading supplier of induction bending machines in the world today.

Should you have an up and coming project for induction bending Nigel will be happy to help your development into this market. Please call us on the office number or send Nigel an email with your enquiry / project.

UK office +44 333 939 8888 (Open 24 hours, 7 days per week)

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