RT Series Aluminium Rotary Table Features


  • Automatic positioning of the section to commence bending
  • CNC bending of the section
  • Servo electrically controlled Booster to eliminate slipping of the section during bending with a mandrel
  • Mandrel device with automatic lubrication
  • Automatic movement to the next bend position
  • Safety light curtain for operator protection

inductaflex rotary table bending capacity

Aluminium Rotary Table

Section capacity: 4″ x 4″ x 3/16″ (100mm x 100mm x 5)

Frame capacity: 4″ wide (100mm)

Pipe capacity:
1″ x 1/8″ (114mm o/d x 3mm)

Size range: The Aluminium Rotary Table range compliments the roller bending range and matches capacity as such.  From the flexible entry size up to larger capacity machines.


Established in around the first world war companies J.J.Haslam and B. Saxton Company were both traditional metal forming companies. With an immense knowledge of section and profile bending they helped develop the market to what it is today. Centred in the Industrial North of Great Britain they carved their own niche.

One such machine used was the German Irle Bending machine. This unusually designed machine was a master of its art. Processing curved sections accurately and speedily. Unfortunately the failure to innovate led to the demise of this great company. Craig Barnshaw visited these companies in the late 90’s to understand the operation of these. 20 years later, redesigned, engineered with an advanced CNC unit designed by Craig, the iconic Irle is re-born as the Inductaflex flow former.