Creating Beautifully Curve Facades

Jul 7, 2021 | News

Bending Curtain Wall Sections


Usually designed for their aesthetically pleasing looks, the purpose of curtain walls is to enhance the exterior of a building and to allow a large amount of natural light inside to give a more open and welcoming feeling. We understand that matching that design is hugely important as it could change the feeling of looking at or being inside of the building.

Curtain walls are some of the hardest to bend sections in the field of aluminium section bending. They often have extremely tight curves or multiple radii over long sections lengths giving them a strong tendency to be damaged during the bending process.



Bending these sections can often result in rippling. This is a risk that we have work to mitigate in our machine design process. Our Aluminium bending machines come with a number of features that work to stabilise and support the section during the bending process. These include supports and controls that prevent twisting during bending as well.


Bending Aluminium Curtain Wall Sections


We have a long history in the bending market and have worked closely with specialist bending companies to develop the kit necessary to form beautifully curved curtain wall systems. Our machines work with the operator to mitigate as many risks as possible and make bending a smooth and simple process.

Our machines are being used by some of the largest façade and window companies across the world to create absolutely stunning building features.

Our machines can easily curve:

  • Lengths up to 15m
  • Multiple Radii
  • Accurate Tight Curves
  • No Collapse or Rippling
  • 3D Curves