Kersten Invest In The World’s Largest Servo Electric Drive CNC Aluminium Profile Bending Machine

Sep 5, 2017 | News

The World’s largest and most advanced aluminium extruded profile bending machine is now on-route to its new home in the Netherlands. Metal bending specialist Kersten is opening another advanced facility for the 2 and 3-dimensional bending and processing of aluminium extrusions and non-ferrous extruded and rolled profiles.

The AL-5s machine is the largest machine of its kind ever built. This all servo electric driven CNC machine can bend any size aluminium extrusion manufactured in the World today.

This opens new boundaries for many designers and engineers particularly the designers of transport systems and building structures.

Using a complete Schneider Motion Control servo drive system, the AL-5s can bend sections in two and three dimensions, spiral and twist profiles previously unachievable in the World today.

Machine capability

Variable centres up to 1500mm enable the optimum bending positions for the section. Too often smaller bending centres are used to the detriment of the section due to the increased crushing caused.

Twisting of sections

Equipped with the World’s largest section twisting device, profiles can be twisted along the length to produce spirals and aerodynamic forms for high speed transport solutions.

Hollow section internal support and drive system

Sections can be supported internally with a mandrel and using a servo controlled booster the section can be driven over the mandrel. This enables a tighter fitting mandrel to be used and also a lighter grip on the section which retains the finish quality for visible surfaces

Safety system

Along with the capacity it was essential that this new machine was safe to operate for the operators and colleagues in the area. A light curtain system was developed and tested that allows the machine to be run on automatic and then pauses should the area be accessed.

Often with new machines performing un-usual bends there is a interest to see the bending of such parts and touch them. The system developed means the machine is also the safest in the World. Originally developed for an automotive supplier in North America the safety curtain was further developed by the team for the AL-5s

Multi-axis side support rolls

Sections should be curved that are free of twist. Most notably asymmetric sections try to twist due to their geometry. Having servo controlled side support rolls that can move in 4 axes with an accuracy of 0.02mm gives Kersten a greater control of the section than has ever been previously achievable.

Energy Efficiency

Servo electric bending machines typically use much less power than fully hydraulic systems. The AL-5s uses servo electric drive with a hydraulic bending power. To control the energy usage, the hydraulic pump has a system which is estimated to save 50% of the energy used during downtime.

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