New 4-Roll Aluminium Bending Machine For Fast And Accurate “S” And Reverse Bends

Nov 9, 2015 | News

Bending machine manufacturer Inductaflex Ltd has just announced a new model that allows bars or sections to be curved in two planes in a single operation and enables thousands of parts to be processed per week.

Managing director Craig Barnshaw says that the machine satisfies a growing demand for this type of solution: “More and more companies need to be able to form ‘S’ bends and reverse bends accurately, rapidly and in large volumes.

Inductaflex are currently designing a machine to process 8,000 parts in 48 hours for a specialist automotive supplier. It will be a 100% duty machine, with the highest quality parts,  automatic lubrication and automatic loading.

When we deliver in March, it will transform and streamline the client’s current three process operation.

Our client anticipates that the machine will return the investment in just four months, which is quite remarkable. This design of machine is available in all sizes, based around our existing AL range.

Inductaflex hopes to have more good news during February 2016. The company is in advanced discussions concerning a further two similar automotive projects requiring reverse bends for multiple parts.

Should a specialist machine be required please contact the UK or US office with your requirements.