Our Super Duty Range? What’s The Difference?

Apr 24, 2017 | News

For companies bending 24 / 7, automotive parts; companies working at the high end of the capacity on a regular basis; it is essential you have a machine that can be both trusted in operation, quick to repair in case of an accident and easy to maintain.

Quality components

Our aluminium profile bending machines use Schneider electrical parts, HMI and PLC. We have found these most suitable for our multi axis forming and intelligent processing. Our induction bending machines primarily use Siemens controls / PLC / HMI; certain parts are Schneider / ABB if we find them more suitable.

Our HMI indicates issues with parts should there be a problem and we can remotely access the PLC for upgrades and checks.

For specialist cards we have manufactured, we usually supply spares with the machine.


Should and accident happen or a quality part failure, we have designed the machine to enable the repair to be undertaken quickly; often with your own staff if needed urgently.

Hearing stories of 2 days to replace a shaft bearing on a small machine and 2 weeks to change a clutch is quite shocking. Inductaflex set a limit of 5 minutes up to 30 minutes for a motor change on their range. Bearing replacement should it be needed takes between 1 hour and 6 hours on the largest machines. We do however support our main shafts with bronze liners with graphite cores for lubrication; this enables a much stronger solution.


PPM is undertaken locally to our advice. We train local personal on this and provide on-line guides. Soon we will be launching our customer area for advice / check sheets and videos. Service can naturally be provided along with extended warranty however our theory is that if a company is insistent on you having extended warranty after 12 months, they can’t have much confidence in their products.