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Lights of all shapes and sizes

The range of shapes and sizes to which LED Light Profile Bending can achieve is impressively diverse, allowing for endless design possibilities.

From gentle arcs and flowing curves to sharp angles and complex geometric shapes, these profiles can be precisely bent to accommodate any creative vision.

Whether it’s creating circular pendants for modern interiors, gracefully arched sconces for classic settings, or innovative linear fixtures for contemporary spaces, the versatility of bending lighting profiles ensures seamless integration into any architectural or interior design concept.

Moreover, with varying lengths and thicknesses available, lighting profiles can be curved to fit large architectural installations or delicate decorative pieces, making them an ideal choice for enhancing ambiance and functionality in a wide array of lighting projects.

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Bending Lighting Profiles

LED Light Profile Bending is a specialized process that adds an artistic touch to illuminating spaces. By skilfully shaping aluminium or other materials, curved lighting profiles can be created to enhance aesthetics and functionality.

Whether it’s for architectural lighting, decorative fixtures, or custom designs, bending lighting profiles offer versatility and elegance, transforming ordinary light sources into captivating focal points.

With precise bending techniques, these profiles seamlessly integrate with various spaces, infusing creativity and enhancing the overall ambiance. Elevate your lighting projects with the seamless fusion of artistry and illumination through bending lighting profiles.

Intelegent CNC

Empower your bending process with our intelligent CNC system for stretch bending machines. Seamlessly integrated, it allows you to upload drawings directly into the system, supporting file formats like .dxf, .dwg, and .step. The CNC system’s advanced algorithms and automation enable precise and error-free bending, ensuring seamless execution of complex designs.


Our stretch bending machines boast an impressive capacity to handle a wide range of profiles and materials. From small, intricate profiles to large and robust sections, our machines can handle it all with ease. With precision engineering and advanced technology, we ensure consistent and accurate bending results every time.


Experience unrivalled precision with our stretch bending machines. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and advanced control systems, our machines deliver precise and consistent bends for even the most intricate profiles. Achieve tight tolerances and flawless curves, ensuring superior quality in every finished product.

Ease of Use

Simplify your bending process with our user-friendly stretch bending machines. Designed with intuitive controls and a streamlined interface, operating our machines is a breeze for both experienced operators and newcomers. The straightforward setup and automated features save valuable time, enhancing productivity and reducing downtime.

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