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Elevate your metal fabrication capabilities with Inductaflex Aluminium Bending Machines. Offering unmatched precision and versatility & delivering flawless bends for a wide range of profiles. Experience efficiency and top-notch performance in every curve. 

Markets For Bending Machines

Bending machines serve a diverse worldwide market across a wide range of industries.

  • Construction: Creating curved architectural elements and facades.
  • Automotive: Crafting curved body panels and trims.
  • Aerospace: Precision wing skins and fuselage sections.
  • Industrial Equipment: Manufacturing conveyor systems, machinery frames, and enclosures.
  • Marine: Producing marine components.
  • Electrical Enclosures: Crafting curved metal enclosures for electrical cabinets.

Complete Production Cells

Our production cells encompass Bending, Machining, Cleaning and Quality Assurance as well as bespoke modules to create a complete production installation. Highly suited for automotive, aerospace and large batch production.

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