Advice For Buying A Profile Bending Machine

Mar 19, 2017 | News

When ordering a bending machine, what should you expect of your bending machine with the technology now available?

Re-bending app

If a section is a little harder material you can re-bend this automatically including the tangents to produce a good part instead of a scrap one.

Bend feed-back and re-calculation app

Metal bars have slightly different harnesses from batch to batch. This gives different bend results when using and CNC bending machine due to the differing spring back. Having the facility to digitally measure the radius and enter this to enable the machine to determine the correct spring back or elasticity settings is absolutely essential.

Repeatability and accuracy

The first bend of the day is the same as the bend on the night shift. Servo electric gives you this every time.

Accurately controlled ‘Z’ axis

When forming non-symmetrical sections, you must be able to control the twist of the section accurately. If you don’t the radius will be different.

Variable centres

To get the most from a machine you should be able to get the widest capacity. Having variable centres enables the machine to preform like a large or small machine. A company should only need

Simple programming

An operator should be able to learn to bend complicated bends in a single day. Bends with tangents, multi radius bends all should be formed easily and smoothly.

Buying the latest Inductaflex metal bending machine, gives you all these as standard. Our design team have more experience bending profiles than any other company which as a customer gives access to years of experience. For a company hoping to develop into this market it is invaluable and unique.

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