Oct 19, 2016 | News

Our latest AL-1e video is on YouTube to view. This advanced CNC machine has 3-dimensional bending capability for multi axis bends and is being delivered to another World leader. We hope to get clearance soon to promote our new partnership which is quite special to us at Inductaflex.

Click this for link to the video on YouTube

New features

Two additional features on this machine are the mandrel device with booster drive, and the electrically controlled external side supports.

Mandrel booster

This is primarily designed for hollow sections where internal support is needed. For more extreme bends most companies are un-able to drive the section through the machine as the profile usually tightens on the internal support. The Inductaflex mandrel booster attachment makes this possible. It is also used for extremely tight bends or small radii where others say this is impossible. A safety light curtain protects the operator and pedestrians from moving parts but allows efficient operation.

Electric side supports

Actually quite a simple device but I have not seen another machine in the world with these supports which are adjustable in height and angle electrically from the control panel. The key improvement is efficiency. No more stopping the bend to move a support roller and halving the processing speed.

Craig Barnshaw the Managing Director of Inductaflex commented “We are replacing an existing CNC machine with our machine. The machine bending replaced is actually in great condition, but the but the CNC has moved on so much since this was purchased. It’s been a great service to them up to now but the project team felt they needed to expand their range and looked for the best machine Worldwide. I offered our AL-1e all electric machine, this gave the most accurate performance and a huge range that met the requirements. Against long established companies we were awarded the order based upon flexibility, knowledge and most importantly a long term partnership for their future development. I gave a personal commitment for this, and something I look forward to fulfilling over the years”

One thing our team picked up on was for this company’s desire for energy efficiency. Our all electric machine is possibly the most efficient in the world. It’s a difficult thing to quantify and compare. When we shipped a machine in to World leading testing company TUV, they were amazed the little power needed for the bending operation. Our engineering team were happy enough with this comment from TUV they say they have reach the peak of efficiency, we agree for today! but not forever!