Curved Extruded Aluminium Profiles For Double Curved Façade Bends

Nov 26, 2016 | News

The availability of software for the simple (or not so simple!) modelling of double curves in facades has increased the frequency of these being built.

Architects and engineers around the world often struggle to find a metal forming contractor to manufacture the curved parts needed for their design so a substitute is used. Quite often a curved effect is artificially created by joining straight sections giving the feel of a curve. Although the result is usually appealing, often it faults to achieve the effect originally envisaged.

This is where world leading aluminium forming specialists Inductaflex step in. From January 2017 the entire range of aluminium profile bending machines have 3D bending as an option.

Craig Barnshaw, Managing Director of Inductaflex commented “for many years I used to turn down these jobs when I was in the bending service sector. With over 200 machines at my disposal I still couldn’t achieve the right bend angles on the double curved sections. We really stuck at it and our engineering team worked hard to solve this issue. This would have been one success I wish the Late Dame Zaha Hadid could have seen. I feel she would have took the façade structural frame business to the next level”.

Should you have a specialist project that requires a double curved façade, please contact us. We can supply a machine  for aluminium profile bending for facade structures or advise you of a specialist who already has one of our 3D machines.

Check out the Pinterest page of ‘Double Cured Facades’ for more ideas. The link is below.

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