New Induction Bending Cell For 2017

Jan 15, 2017 | News

Just launched is the new Induction Bending Cell from metal forming specialist Inductaflex. The machine is capable of induction bending pipes and other shaped sections at previously un-heard of speed and efficiency.

Bend speeds
Typically, the machine bends at up to 400 mm per minute; fast for this type of hot bending process.

With the automatic loading function, it is possible to process up to 250 – 300 bends per day for standard 3D bends.

All grades of pipe can be formed including pipeline specification, stainless steel and alloys, cast nickel pipes and internally weld clad pipes

PLC operation
The system is extremely smart in operation and much of the process is now automated, removing quite a lot of the complexities associated with induction bending.

Multi shapes
Various shapes can be processed, including square hollow sections and bespoke formed shapes.

3-dimensional bends
The machine can also be fitted with our 3-dimensional bending adaptor. This servo electrically controlled device allows sections to be bent in multi axes for various complicated piping requirements.

Our bending cell range starts at 1” – 6” and extends up to 20” pipe.

Should you have a requirement for an induction bending cell, please call or e-mail us with your section size, type and radius requirements.