Set Up For Virtual Training On 4 Roller Aluminium Section Bender

Oct 12, 2020 | News

4 roller aluminium bending machines, as well as induction benders and tube flow formers, are specialist fabrication machines that require basic training to properly operate.

This has always been a service we were happy to supply, but the recent pandemic has made it difficult, if not impossible to meet and supply training on site.

Inductaflex has developed a sophisticated recording and broadcast system that allows us to supply in-depth remote training from our facility directly to our customer. Giving live training on the use of their specific machine.

Our set up allows us to use a host of communications software, to best suit our customer’s needs. Software such as Zoom, Skype, Whatsapp, Microsoft Teams and more can be utilized to provide training to one or more individuals regardless of where they are.

Our unique multi-camera set up shows every angle of your machine while we walk you through step-by-step training for your individual project.

Creating this set up has greatly improved our ability to deliver training on a global scale, not just during the pandemic but for the foreseeable future. It offers an alternative to costly in-person training while maintaining the in-depth content you would otherwise expect.