Stop Wasting Money Cutting Curved Sections – Use ’BEND TO END’ Technology

Feb 1, 2018 | News

Typically, extra material is required when roller bending sections. This is naturally waste money as it is cut off and scrapped. There is another waste is the cutting time to remove this excess which depending upon your cutting set up can actually be quite high.

Inductaflex now offer their entire machine range with ‘BEND-TO-END’ technology. A section can be loaded and automatically curved over the entire length. The savings companies can make on their curved parts can be substantial.

The first machine is going to a World leading lighting company for the forming of their parts for lighting systems.

Cut to length material is loaded in to the rolls and the CNC process then starts to form the required shape.

The all servo electric machine is high specification using Schneider PLC / Motors and drivers. The HMI was designed by Craig Barnshaw one of the World’s leading metal forming experts.