The Most Modern Aluminium Bending Machine Training

Nov 26, 2020 | News

Inductaflex has been selling aluminium bending machines for nearly a decade. In this time we have travelled thousands of miles to provide in person training, handed out paper manuals and seen the limitations that these mediums created.

We have evolved over time and introduced new systems that brings our training methodologies up to date with the latest technologies.

We have developed a specialist digital manual that is now our default manual handed out with each machine. A tablet is included with every machine that contains all of the standard information expected in a traditional paper manual. Additionally it contains graphs, diagrams and videos that assist in instructing the use of each machine, including bespoke systems.

Additionally we have developed a multi-camera set up that allows us to provide remote training to customers as an option, avoiding the costs and time involved with sending an operative to provide on site direction.

Our remote training system allows for live, in depth instruction from our facility directly to yours. Our training staff will be able to walk you through every step of machine set-up and usage, as well as answer any questions and provide useful demonstrations.

Modern adaptations have allowed us to continue to provide consistent service worldwide without the need for travel. This has been especially helpful throughout the year of 2020 as we have been able to continue to provide our support and training services through the various global lockdowns.

These are of course options that can be exchanged for their traditional alternatives should you prefer.