The Worlds Largest Aluminium Profile Bending Company Choses Inductaflex

May 17, 2016 | News

Kersten Europe has partnered with Inductaflex to develop their 3 dimensional bending service. Following on site training Kersten Europe are now able to bend aluminium extrusions and other sections in two axes, and also twist the sections.

They are the world’s first company to invest in this capacity from Inductaflex and it cements their position as the innovator and leader in metal forming.

Craig Barnshaw noted “Even having a CNC controlled machine, experience is necessary for to understand the complexities of the forming. I was lucky to have three of the World’s best metal forming engineers working with me. We were quickly able to bend sections in 3 dimensions to their templates”.

The exact details of the huge 3d project will be released by Kersten Europe later in 2016. It is one of the most complicated Craig has seen in his 28 years of metal forming.

If you are interested in 3d bending or the bending and twisting of sections please contact Craig Barnshaw, for further details.

Kersten Europe partners with Inductaflex for their 3d profile bending

Kersten Europe is the World Leader in aluminium profile forming. From 4 sites around the World (Netherlands, Germany, Poland and United Arab Emirates) they are able to fulfil the most complex projects of any scale.

Should you have a  bending requirement please see the contact page for your nearest branch or regional representative