Used Induction Bender 2017

Dec 2, 2020 | News

Very rare opportunity for a used induction bender to come up for sale.

Inductaflex designed frame for extreme duty

Capability for pipes and also structural sections including 20” x 12” HSS and W profiles up to

Rare option for large radius bends with large pipe for bridge work.

Machine Features:

  • Control processing speed, clamp, radius arm etc
    • Heating Temperature controlled by closed loop circuit
    • Touch HMI screen with Siemens PLC control.
    • Control of the following
    o Bending Angle Setting,
    o Temperature
    o Radius
    o See PLC images
    • All water quench equipment included
    • Complete with coils and clamps from 6” – 30”

Options for purchase include
1 . Sold as seen
2. Installed on your foundations with training
3. Up -graded, installed with training

The machine is currently in the UK and can be shipped globally as needed.


If you are interested, please get in touch.