World’s First Induction Bending Machine Specifically For The Offshore Construction And Renewable Energy Market

Oct 29, 2014 | News

Inductaflex Limited launches the world’s first induction bending machine specifically designed for the offshore construction and renewable market.

The machine, designed by leading metal forming engineer Craig Barnshaw, can form the entire range of sections for the sector.

J tubes up to 686 diameter are accurately formed in lengths up to 30 metres for the cables

Platform support rings up to 500 x 300 RHS (20” x 12” HSS) are formed free from distortion for easier fabrication.

The machine can form bends from all offshore pipe grades with monitoring of the parameters that meet all the standard specifications including ISO 15590-1 , TPA-IBS-98, ASME B31.1, CSA Z245.11-05.

Induction Bending machines start from $150,000 up to $2,500,000 for an 84″ machine. Lead time is currently 5 months for a standard machine. Operators and office engineers receive an on-site training program.

For European / Middle Eastern enquiries, Inductaflex Limited,

For North American Enquiries – Trilogy Machinery, Inc. Belcamp, MD 21107 USA

Machines can be supplied to any worldwide location